Get Lowest Prices on Your Rx

Compare prices at pharmacies near you and save on your prescriptions with WebMDRx. to find important information on your medications?
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Save Money On Your
Prescriptions With
Did you know that WebMD is the #1 place to find important information on your medications?
Now, with the new WebMDRx, we're helping you save money on your prescriptions.
1. Use WebMDRx to compare drug prices across pharmacies.
2. Find the lowest price possible for your prescription.
3. Take your free WebMDRx card to your pharmacy and get savings instantly.
And it gets even easier:
1. Can WebMDRx help you save even if you have insurance? YES.
2. Can you share your savings card with family and friends? YES.
3. Does it work at pharmacies nationwide? YES.
Get the prescriptions you need at the prices you want with WebMDRx.

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